Sephone Zorro’s Grandmother Stories, Volume One: Welcome


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A collection of bedtime stories for children.

Inside are five children’s stories, perfect for reading together before bedtime. Each story is filled with fun illustrations, delightful animal characters, and talks about issues such as being brave, showing kindness, and working together.

If you enjoyed reading classic children’s authors such as Beatrix Potter and Aesop’s Fables, you will definitely enjoy Welcome, GMS volume 1.

Story #1 is told by Grandmother Martinez, from Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, USA. She tells us a story about some naughty vegetable children that are always arguing about who is the best. But the shy little bean girl helps them see that they are all beautiful.

Story #2 is told by Grandmother Gomez, from Mexico. She tells us about a lovely little girl called Inez, who is so kind to all creatures–even hungry little ants. But she and her grandfather have very little money to buy food. Luckily, the ants have a magical secret called “sun garnets,” which are more valuable than diamonds.

Story #3 is told by Grandmother Diaz, from Brazil. She tells us the story of Paulo, a very lazy possum who doesn’t want to face the world. An entire jungle of animals will have to help Paulo learn to face his problems.

Story #4 is told by Grandmother Bush, who lives in Midland, Texas. She tells us the wonderfully silly story about four armadillo brothers, and how they argue about which of them is the best at everything. Then Mr. Coyote comes along and tricks them all. Now they must work together, or end up inside mean Mr. Coyote’s big black cooking pot! But not if Mother Dillo can stop him.

Story #5 is told by Grandmother del Judias Verde, from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, USA. This quick story is about a feisty frog and mischievous mole, neither of which wants to work very hard. But Eagle will put an end to this, perhaps with some guidance from Great Spirit.

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