Halloween Adventures – The Complete Series


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Three Halloween adventures in one collection. Mr. Boggarty, the grumpiest senior citizen with the biggest Halloween heart, knows how to play the best pranks on his unsuspecting neighbors.

Halloween Adventures – the Complete Series

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Publication Date: March 2023
Juvenile Fiction / Horror & Ghost Stories / Chapter Books
Ages 9-12

Lime Green Ghost:

Ooh went the wind…and out went the lights…Then out came the ghost on Halloween night!

Trixie Cole and her friends have a plan—a really nasty plan that includes five dozen rotten, smelly, putrefied eggs. On Halloween night, they are going to “decorate” the big creepy house at the end of Shady Way, where Mr. Boggarty lives. He’s the grumpy old guy that lives by himself, doesn’t take care of his huge house, and never hands out candy to trick-or-treaters.

When the lights go out and the front door slams shut, Trix and her friends are in for the fright of their lives. The Lime Green Ghost has a prank of his own, plenty of scares to share, and a terrifying story to tell. Soon the five frightened friends will unlock the mystery of Mr. Boggarty’s family, learn an important lesson in spooky etiquette, and discover what it means to truly have a big Halloween heart.

Will Trix and her friends survive Halloween night? Or will they be whisked off to the Elementary School of Evil? The Middle School of Malice? Or the High School of Horror?

Headless Ballerina:

Halloween hi-jinks!

Instead of going trick-or-treating this year, Trix, Darren, and Darby are headed to the local children’s hospital to help out. The Boggartys are putting on a Halloween theater show for the kids! A hilarious new re-telling of the classic “Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” with Mr. Boggarty starring as the strange and terrifying…Headless Ballerina.

All the young patients, grownups, doctors and nurses enjoy the funny spoof…until a strange green mist covers the stage and the elderly actors mysteriously disappear. After the nurses have evacuated the room…Trix, Darren, Darby—and their new friends Laurel and Jonesy—are accidentally left behind.

Shadows appears! Creatures growl and hiss! Glowing heads fill the rooms! And Darby’s greatest fear—the mythical Australian bunyip–suddenly shows up to ruin their night.

Will Trix and her friends make it out of the haunted hospital? Or will the Boy Named Hoo take them away to the 27th dimension?

Get ready for a thrilling (and haunted) Halloween mystery!


Evil Space Monkeys:

Outer space is a happy place…except for the evil space monkeys!

Halloween is ruined after Mr. Boggarty injures his foot just a few days before his favorite spooktacular holiday of the year. Grumpy, upset, and not in the mood to celebrate, Mr. Boggarty still asks Trix and her friends to stop by on Halloween night…but warns them not to come inside the house.

Ignoring the ominous message, Trix and her friends step through the front door and…Ka-BOOSH! The rocket boosters ignite! Now they’re in for one wild ride—in outer space!

Come on up to the haunted house! A terrifying place filled with all kinds of tricks, traps, evil space monkeys, and a terrifying seven-foot-tall, six-armed monster that stalks through Mr. Boggarty’s humongous, fun-filled house.

Monsters? Traps? Evil space monkeys? What else could possibly go wrong?

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