Element Girls 2: The Stolen Star


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“A great story that empowers girls and shows that their friendship and love for each other can help them overcome obstacles!”
Lisa-Anne L.Tsuruda–’Iolani School, Honolulu, Hawaii

Long ago, a star went missing from the western sky. Legend says, the star was taken to the troll’s home, a mountain only seen at sunset. Legend says, the four elements are the only thing that can save the star.

“For you, I would walk through fire.”
“For you, I would walk on air.”
“For you, I would walk the earth.”
“For you, I would walk on water.”

How far will you go to save a friend?

After an intense beginning of the year where Tess (Fire), Amelia (Water), Susie (Air) and Elizabeth (Earth) discovered their element powers and freed a goddess, the Element Girls are looking forward to their summer vacation in Iceland. But Amelia’s father, an ex-sorcerer who used dark magic, is with them. Has he really forgotten how to do magic, or is he just pretending? The myth of the stolen star, and the four elements that can save her, draw the girls deeper into a mystery full of magic.

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