Alexia & Melvin: The Zookeeper


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Alexia and Melvin once again find themselves face to face with a scary (and hairy) imposter. Now it’s up to them to save the kids at the zoo from the zookeeper.


Get ready for some “grizzly” storytelling! A humorous, action & adventure chapter book series for children aged 8-11. (A must-read for fans of My Weird School.)

Alexia and Melvin are off to the zoo! A fun trip looking at the animals turns into another ferocious adventure when that hairy, scary imposter shows up.

During the armadillo show at Center Stage, a strange looking zoo employee steps out to entertain the kids. After “Harry” the zookeeper puts on the worst presentation ever, he tricks the adults into leaving by offering “free coffee” at the Zoo Café.

With the grownups gone, Harry the zookeeper leads the group of yummy kids over to the Zoo Underground, where they can see all the icky creatures like snakes, spiders, and naked mole rats. Too bad this area is currently under construction, with NO ADMITTANCE ALLOWED – – but Harry the zookeeper has the keys.

Alexia and Melvin will have to act quickly, work together, and do their best to outsmart that clever bear in his own element – – the wild.

Don’t miss this hilarious chapter book series from the author of Junkyard Adventures.

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