A Sephonē Zorro Collection


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This collection of books from Sephonē Zorro is only available for a limited time.

All of these stories are a part of Sephonē Zorro’s Grandmother Stories, a collection of original folk tales for children around the world.

Home of the Ants: A Story Set in Mexico at Christmas

This bilingual book is published with English and Spanish text side-by-side.

Inez and her grandfather live in a small village in Mexico. While their home is filled with love, there isn’t even enough money for food. Still, Inez starts feeding a small, starving ant, but when many more ants follow, Grandfather fears they will eat everything. But Inez’s generosity is soon rewarded. The ants’ gifts are so valuable that the whole village prospers.

The Run-Away Dreidel

This bilingual book is published in English and Hebrew

Stephen, Stanley and Simon were eleven-year-old identical triplets. They competed to be “the best” in everything—in the family, at school, on the playground, and even in front of Rabbi Dāwīḏ Pelovitz while in classes to become Bar-Mitzvahs on turning thirteen. Of course, each was certain of his own superiority, but much to the annoyance of them all, none of their family, teachers, coaches, or religious instructors showed any preference in any way for any one over the other two. What was a “God’s Most Precious Gift” to do just to be acknowledged for what he clearly was?

Learn to play dreidel, celebrate Chanukah, and help Stephen, Stanley and Simon discover which is best (with the help of a mouse) in this enchanting book by Sephone Zorro.

The Mynah in the Minaret

Najeeb, the muezzin who called all to prayer at the small mosque, would cherish forever that Allah had given him the great honor of knowing a most wonderful spirit, whether bird or jinn. Our special hope is that this little book will give non-Muslims a better understanding of Islam.

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